Inflatable Products

Advertising inflatables are simple and highly effective marketing tools and a must for outdoor advertising given their high attention value for your potential clients. These advertising balloons act as billboards for your business and are excellent for use at trade shows, street fairs, flea markets, auto dealership promotions, Sporting events and championships and other endless possibilities. All of our Inflatable balloons are factory pressure tested before they leave our facility with a normal set up time of less than 10 minutes. We would love to give a quote on any of your aerial advertising requirements.

We have complete In-house digital printing services where printing is done on our UV printer and Inkjet printers. We also do the brand promotion print media indoor and outdoor. All our products are customized according to shapes, sizes and brandings. Wide range of our products are Inflatable products, Bouncy castles, Costumes, Blimp’s and balloons.

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